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Message from Mayor Crystal Dingler

Our hearts and thoughts are with you during these stressful and uncertain times. Please take every protective measure to remain safe. We are vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and have precautions in place to help protect our businesses, citizens and employees. As we continue to scrutinize the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the strain it is putting on all of us, we wanted to update you on what we are doing within Ocean Shores to reduce and manage the risks.

First, Take Care of Yourself

Physicians and agencies are strongly recommending that those over 60 or with underlying health concerns self-quarantine in their homes. With more than half our Ocean Shores population in this category, we need to take extra precautions. Certainly you may go outside in your yard, but they recommend that you stay home as much as possible. If you contract the virus, you might not only endanger your life and well-being, but also others around you.

Restaurants Offering Take-Out

Enclosed is a list of hours, take-out and delivery options for restaurants. This may be changing from time to time, but this will get you started. Please support our local businesses in these difficult times.

Convention Center Offering Take-Out Meals for Those In-Need

We are prepared to provide free take-out meals on a limited basis to those in-need beginning Friday, 3/20. Call the Convention Center to schedule pickup or delivery. (Please do not take advantage of this offer if you have the means to do otherwise, and please do not double-up if you are receiving meals or funds for meals from other sources. We have a limited capacity and our aim is to serve the most vulnerable citizens.)

Here is our process:

  1. Residents in need can call in Monday – Friday, between 8:30 and 3:00 to schedule a time to pick up a meal. We encourage residents to call in the day before if possible.

  2. Residents will need to schedule a time to pick up their meal(s) between 9:00 and 3:30 Monday through Friday (early pick up can be arranged in an emergency)

  3. A HOT breakfast will be available from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. weekdays – residents are required to call this order in the day before needed

  4. Residents can pick up additional food on Fridays for the weekend, if needed

  5. When residents arrive they call the office and someone will walk the food out to the car

  6. Silverware will be provided, if needed

  7. We will do our best to work with CERT and others to provide delivery service if needed

The number to call to order meals is: 360-289-4411 or 360-986-0032

Necessities Available at Stores

IGA, Seaside Liquidation Outlet, The Back Porch, ACE Hardware, the Drug Stores, and many other stores are still open. Please support our local businesses. Some have their own delivery options and others will need CERT delivery.

CERT Team Activates to Deliver Goods and Meals to Those Self-Quarantined

Our local Community Emergency Response Team will be delivering food and needed purchases to those who are self-quarantined or ill or having trouble getting food and supplies through their normal channels. Also, many thanks to all of those who have been helping friends and neighbors, or helping the food bank or senior center with deliveries. Call CERT at 253-297-0002 to schedule a delivery.

COVID-19 Testing

Testing is still limited to those with Doctor’s orders and drive-through testing is currently limited to larger population centers. We are working with the County to ensure that such testing gets to our vulnerable smaller communities as soon as possible. Our Fire Department has no test kits at this time and are not the type of facility that is currently allowed to give the tests. We will certainly inform you when such kits are available and under whose supervision you may be tested.

Library Closed

The Ocean Shores Library is temporarily closed. We will be re-evaluating this frequently.

Emergency Proclamation and Loans

I proclaimed an emergency on Friday, 3/13. The State and Federal governments are considering business loans and help for cities and counties. I spoke to US Rep. Derek Kilmer last weekend and shared our concerns with him.

March 23rd City Council Meeting Cancelled

Due to recommendations to hold meetings of no more than 10 persons, the next Council meeting has been cancelled. We will begin again in April with a new format.

Utility Payments

We are suspending late fees associated with utility bills. While we would like to suspend billing, we cannot legally do that, but we hope this will help. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, please contact our Utility Billing Office at 360-289-2487 to discuss payment arrangement options.

Garbage Service

Upon request, LeMay will suspend trash service to all businesses that have completely shut down due to the coronavirus. Call 360-533-1251 to cancel service or with questions.

Court Services

By order of the Judge, court is cancelled this month and will resume May 13, 2020. Please contact the Court Clerk for information on your particular case.

Building Permits

As with other City buildings, we have now closed the Permit Office to the public. Please use the telephone and internet to communicate. Building inspections and plan review continue.

City Offices Closed to the Public

Our employee teams are working in their offices or remotely, and in the field, to deliver on promises and meet your needs. We are being proactive to keep the community and our employees safe while we deal with this evolving health risk. We all want to work together and care deeply about our community. Please use our online services or make payments by check or money order through the U.S. Mail.

Garbage Bag Sales Temporarily Suspended and Spring Clean-up to be Re-Scheduled During this time, we will not be selling garbage bags. Those who depend on this service may deposit their self-bagged garbage and recycled glass at the City dumpsters behind the Bowling Alley near the Skate Park. We will reschedule “Spring Clean-Up” as soon as we are able.

Government Recommendations and Directives We are implementing the recommendation of the CDC as well as State and County authorities, and caring for the health of our people and those with whom we work. Please use “social distancing” as a way to reduce the spread of the virus. What we are learning so far is that recommendations and directives are evolving. Please stay alert and aware.

Planning Ahead We are working on more policies and procedures. We have the Convention Center for emergencies. If you know of people with special needs or challenges that we might be able to address. The Grays Harbor Community Foundation has announced that it is making emergency funds available for rent or food for those in-need through the Coastal Community Action Program (CAP). Call CAP at 360-533-5100.

Public Works Projects

Specific Projects/Activities Impacted:

  1. Spring Cleanup (as noted earlier) – postponed – Schedule: TBD

  2. North End Grand Canal Park Public Outreach – postponed – Schedule: TBD

General Projects/Activities Impacted:

  1. We will postpone any other project/activity which is likely to create groups of 10 people or more in an effort to minimize exposure and transmission opportunities.

  2. It is also important to note that COVID-19 is impacting the construction industry. At this time, contract work is not projected to stop. Supply chains, however, are being disrupted which may result in project delays.

  3. We will continue to develop contract work so that we can be ready to move forward once the threat subsides.

Contact Information

Also, I know some of you may have suggestions of steps on policies we can implement to help you and your business. Please email me at or call me at 360-581-5386 with your ideas and information

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