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Child Care for Medical Personnel and First Responders

North Beach School District

Good Morning,

The North Beach School District is launching, beginning Monday, 3.23.2020, at the request of Governor Inslee the following:

Child care for medical personnel and first responders

The number to call for parents who want to access this service is:  360-358-5897. Child care for this special group will be provided at OSES, beginning Monday, 3.23, from 8:30am to 3pm.  

Please share broadly with anyone in our local community who needs this help/service. We'll also be feeding the kids!

Will you please share this information with all City Council members so that everyone is aware.

Blessings in these challenging times,


Andrew E. Kelly (Andy) - (Him/He/His)


North Beach School District

(360) 870-3321 Cellular

(360) 289-2447, Extension 404  District Office

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